Why Spynest?

Why buy and read Spynest? Well, uh, because you are interested in the history of secret services and / or the First World War. In my book you will find hitherto unknown information and stories on the early history of British intelligence, delved from Dutch archives, unknown to English historians. 

From Rotterdam MI1(c) (later renamed SIS or MI6) led it's spy operations in Germany and, more importantly, behind the Western Front in occupied Belgium. Under command of Rotterdam station-chief Richard Bolton Tinsley alias T, and Captain Henry Landau, Belgian resistance groups spied on the German army. Captains Sigismund Payne Best and Ivone Kirkpatrick, the somewhat less capable men of the Wallinger London service, were active from Rotterdam too.

The German secret service N used Rotterdam as a forward base for operations in Britain. In Spynest you will read about their secret agents, like Martin Wilhelm Rehder, Paul Ernst Vollrath and Dr Willy Brandt. But I also disclose the story behind the German spy handler who was behind most of the executed spies in the Tower of London, including Dutch sailors Willem Roos and Haicke Janssen. His spy-web would unravel due to his often young and untrustworthy Dutch hirelings.

And how did the Dutch authorities deal with all this? They made the foreign secret agents a clandestine offer they could not refuse...

I have no doubt that Spynest will be an exciting read for those interested in the history of British intelligence services and German WWI-espionage in Britain.